Welcome to Multicad

Welcome to Multicad

Multicad is a software house that develops, markets and sells the 3D CAD-program MultiCAD. MultiCAD is a 3D draw program for building contractors, architects, building manufacturers, contractors and others in the construction industry. The draw program has a low user threshold and can be used by anyone.

News/Press releases

27.12.13 New betaversion ready for testing

The next version of MultiCAD is now ready for testing. Read more about the next version here.


01.07.12 MultiCADs webpage in English

To day, MultiCAD's webpage is released in English. This is good news to all of you which have been waiting for MultiCAD in English version. A bit translation is still not finished in the program MultiCAD, but we hope to release MultiCAD in English version on the same day Windows 8 is planned to be released. Subscribe for email when MultiCAD is released in English here.


10.04.12 MultiCAD Home-version released.

MultiCAD is launching a separate Home-version for those who wish to use MultiCAD as a private user. The Home-version is somewhat more simplified than the MultiCAD Light-version, but it still has more functions than you will need to draw a garage, a house or a cabin. Read more about MultiCAD Home-version here.


19.12.11 MultiCAD v.11 released!

MultiCAD has finally released. Now you can look forward to genuine construction drawings that are automatically generated in MultiCAD, as well as full synchronisation of drawings.

For more information about MultiCAD v.11, browse the website here.


Learn MultiCAD yourself!

The best thing about the draw program is that it lets you learn the program yourself, without having to read manuals as thick as bricks or having to spend hours on the phone with support. So we at MultiCAD have launched a wizard that, with the help of videos, pictures and text, explains in plain language what you should do.


Learn MultiCAD by your self

Read more about the installation of MultiCAD v.11 here. Read more about the MultiCAD Resource Centre here.

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